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Patrick Will

Born and raised in the small scandinavian country, Denmark, Patrick has always dreamt big and been an ambitious person.

Patrick hosts WillCast, a long form conversational podcast with influential guests.

Since 2019, Patrick has posted short videos on the world’s most viral social media platform, TikTok, and managed to make a name for himself with over 150,000 followers.

Patrick has made friends with and interviewed influencers with millions of followers on his podcast, WillCast.

Patrick’s fervent dedication to learning and self-improvement motivates him to constantly challenge himself in all areas of life, including his businesses, daily routine, and fitness regimen.


Watching massive feature films like The Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park and Harry Potter at a young age, Patrick’s love for storytelling and visual art blossomed. He began writing short stories and fiction novels that he imagined one day would be turned into feature films. Today, Patrick still writes novels and screenplays.

At the age of 10, Patrick was introduced to the video sharing platform, YouTube by one of his friends from school. Falling in love with the idea of creating “mini-movies” and sharing them online, all by himself, Patrick began creating content under various different YouTube channels ranging from gaming, art, and comedy. Today, Patrick has gained over 150,000 followers across his social media platforms.

At the age of just 3, Patrick was able to perform a handstand which led to an obsession with gymnastics, trampoline, and parkour. This obsession later turned into a passion for calisthenics, general fitness, health, and nutrition. Patrick has shared many conversations with fitness and health influencers on his podcast, WillCast.

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