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Graduating In Marketing

Patrick Will has an educational background in marketing where he evolved has competencies and knowledge of business. 

This fundamental marketing understanding Patrick has been able to apply to his many entrepreneurial endeavors and social media content creation.

Evert Tennis Academy – Social Media Marketing

Patrick Will worked with one of the most popular tennis academy brands in the world, Evert Tennis Academy as an intern in digital marketing.

Having mastered the short video format with his own personal brand, Patrick helped Evert Tennis Academy grow on social media through a carefully considered content strategy.


Hosted by Patrick Will, the WillCast podcast are long form conversations with influencers and celebrities that aim to add value to the listener’s life.

As creating new relationships is one of Patrick’s favorite things, he has used his communication and networking skills to make new friendships with some of the biggest stars of the internet.

Conversation topics on WillCast range from fitness to artistry to mental health and more.


Will fashion

Patrick Will started Will Fashion with a burning desire to artistically create fashionable everyday streetwear clothes with a message to #experiencelife.

Using his experiences as an entrepreneur and knowledge of the eCommerce space, Patrick created a men’s clothing brand from the ground up, working on all aspects of the process such as the fashion designs, digital marketing and general company management.

This brand however, has been put on hold temporarily. It is Patrick’s desire to return to this beloved brand of his sometime in the future.


TikTok – Social Media Influencer

Little did Patrick Will know, that the beginning of 2019 would change his life forever as he posted his first video on the world’s most viral social media platform, TikTok.

Millions of views and over 150,000 followers later, Patrick Will found himself with a personal brand in his hands and a lifetime of experiences richer.

Mastering the short format content on social media, Patrick understands the behavior and needs of the consumer and recognizes what captivates and engages an audience.



Patrick Will was obsessed with Pokémon cards as a teenager and quickly found himself in possession of one of the largest and rarest Pokémon card collections in Denmark at the time.

In Patrick’s early twenties, he built a webshop from the ground up to sell his enormous collection.

Patrick quickly developed an understanding of setting up a business, handling customer sales and service and website development.

The Pokémon card webshop is still live and running to this day.


Minecraft Build Team

Possibly Patrick Will’s first entrepreneurial undertaking.

As a 15 year old, Patrick Will assembled a team to build for Minecraft server owners.

The Minecraft build team was called Amagon Realm.

Patrick showed leadership quality and project management skills as the founder of this endeavor.

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